Want To Close More Commercial Sales?

With the ERP SMARTLaunch campaign, we instill a professional commercial sales program for your restoration company. Through the course of the six-month campaign, you learn every little step to closing ERPs, securing square feet under contract, using technology and automation to your benefit, and closing sales – before six months is complete. Allowing you to have a fully self-running commercial sales program in place.

Scripts & Cadence

A consistent, repeatable process is at the heart of any great sales program. We provide every script, message, and more.


Easily track and review the progress of the salespeople executing your ERP program.

Sales Automation

With AI and technology now available, we teach and implement how to reduce drag on salespeople and 10x their output.

Branded Mkt Material

Everything you need for marketing material is provided to you as part of the sales campaign.

CRM Implementation

Set up and utilization of the CRM to best optimize your salesperson’s time. Including reports and automation.

Day to Day Routines

Being efficient with your day as a salesperson is vital. We help set up a sales pipeline so sales understand what to do daily.

Landing Pages

Looking the part and providing resources for your sales person is huge. We will build landing pages to help them close ERPs.

Onboarding ERP Clients

Selling an ERP is one thing, but then you need to collect data and execute. We teach what should be done here as well.


Need help with prospecting? We can assist in prospecting and properly creating a new contact list in your CRM.

Exit interviews

Real Feedback From Real Salespeople

Hear directly from the salespeople themselves on what their success was going through the ERP SMARTLaunch campaign.

ERPs Closed

Learn every step of the ERP process and expect to be closing ERPs by months 3-4.

ROI Before 6 months

Expect by month four to be closing ERPs and generating leads for your restoration company.

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